Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Article explaining why you need to give up HFCS
Sugar coated / We're drowning in high fructose corn syrup. Do the risks go beyond our waistline?
I have expelled all High Fructose Corn Syrup from my diet, excepting that found in Tonic. I am having trouble finding any tonic without it. But this one horrible and pervasive poison is making America fat-assed pigs, and you out there in blog land need to read some labels! Today's task, look to see how much HFCS is in your bread. That's right: bread.
Note: I put my opinion into that headline - the article focuses on the debate surrounding it. With food debates, even the most obvious assertion, like say "high fat & sugered foods can cause obesity" will be disputed by "scientists" hired by the food companies. And the Bush Administration disputes these types of things with regularity. [previously blogged, too lazy too look it up.]


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