Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The Bush Economic Report on Healthcare
Op-Ed Columnist: The Health of Nations
From the same blokes who gave us the concept that American's jobs going overseas was good for the economy comes this. As Krugman puts it:
"When I saw that the president's economic report devoted a whole chapter to health care, I assumed that it would make some attempt to address these public concerns.

Instead, the report pooh-poohs the problem. Although more than 40 million people lack health insurance, this doesn't matter too much because "the uninsured are a diverse and perpetually changing group." This is good news? At any given time about one in seven Americans is uninsured, which is bad enough. Because the uninsured are a "perpetually changing group," however, a much larger fraction of the population suffers periodic, terrifying spells of being uninsured, and an even larger fraction lives with the fear of losing insurance if anything goes wrong at work or at home.

And Americans are still buying some crap about how conservatives understand economics better than liberals? This reminds me (for some reason) of when Poppy Bush saw the scanner at the grocery store and was just amazed by the technology, because he hadn't been to a grocery store in so long. This family just creeps me out.


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