Monday, February 02, 2004

The clock
Okay, so my clock doesn't work if you're using internet explorer, I'm sad to learn. I assure you, the problem is in internet explorer, which does not comply to web standards, and instead uses microsoft standards. The link for the clock is directly from the US government, not a fly-by-night operation regardless of whatever else you think of them. The clock comes from the freaking inventors of the internet. Microsoft just screws it up, because they are screw-ups. If you are using a web-standards complient browser, like Mozilla, then the clock shows up fine-dandy.

On a side note, when I tested my blog using ie (after a report that the clock didn't work) I immediately got a pop-up window. One page using ie, and I got a freaking pop-up window. It's not like I got a pop-up window after looking around for twenty minutes. One page, one pop-up window. How do you users of IE get through a day?! Switch already!!

One other note - my blog looks like crap in IE - at least on my machine. The text is HUGE! It's close to impossible to read. It looks so much better in that other browser you're all tired of hearing about.


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