Thursday, February 12, 2004

It's amazing how motivating hatred can be News | Mass. lawmakers continue to debate gay marriage
So many people find it so incredibly central to their existance to be considered "better" than other people. We're normal, they're abnormal. God prefers us. The law should be changed to ensure that we get more than other people. It's sad. It's sad that people are so unable to grasp the meanings of the simple truths that they've embraced, at least in a surface manner, since they were children. Things like... we are all created equal. Prejudice is wrong. Love thy neighbor. These people, arguing with all their might for amendments to their state and federal constitutions to ensconce gays as a lower caste, have lost their sense of fairness in a fundamantal way. It's so sad that I can't even muster up the obvious Wacky Monotheists of the Day award.


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