Tuesday, February 03, 2004

More Kerry wins
Kerry takes Noth Dakota, Arizona & New Mexico, along with Missouri & Delaware. That's five out of seven today. Oklahoma was still a three way heat last I heard.

It seems clear that Kerry is running a full on National campaign, while everyone else is picking and choosing their battles. Edwards is clearly in second place now. Clark and Dean are further back, but Clark did well in Oklahoma. Dean had a miserable day.

Leiberman is thankfully done, so the nightmares of "President Leiberman" can cease. Tough to win Democratic primaries when you're main point is that democrats all suck, except for the ones that act like Rebublicans - they're "mainstream." Good riddence. Now just change parties so you can suck up to the Bush family some more.

Joe Conason today pointed out that Sharpton's campaign is now completely under the control of extreme right wingers, which may explain why blacks in South Carolina were four times as likely to vote for Kerry or Edwards as they were Sharpton. I'm officially writing him off, and I might not discuss the guy further.

And Kucinich has no charisma at all. Wait... is he still running? It's a two man race, for all practical purposes, with Clark & Dean kinda hanging in there.


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