Monday, February 23, 2004

Movie stuff
the Hollywood Stock Exchange
Okay, so I'm a wee bit down about the Nader news, so I've been laying off politics for a few days. A man needs a break from time to time. else you start to lose it in cynicism entirely.

So on to this interesting piece of web fluff - the Hollywood Stock exchange. See, we were watching Firefly on DVD (the cancellation of which guaruntees Rupert Murdoch gets to burn in his gods' special little hell) and I go online to check the latest news on the probable upcoming Firefly movie (shiney!) and I come accross mention of this site wherein I can purchase "stock" in the Firefly project (or Donald fucking Sutherland if I choose). I have not actually gotten kickin' on this trading business yet, but it looks like it could be amusing.

Update: tell them catphile sent you, and I get a huge bonus of H$


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