Wednesday, February 18, 2004

A response from my letter writing fling
email from, who writes,
" I spoke with Roey Thorpe, Executive Director of Basic Rights Oregon, last night about this. She would appreciate anybody thinking of contacting any government body to contact her & work through them as they are developing a strategy based upon what's learned from San Francisco's case. She's looking for other couples who got married in SF, of which I know two. She did tell me to go ahead and file my paperwork here with Providence on changing my marital status and my benefits. I have already done most of it except putting my partner on the forms and delivering them to corporate HR. I'll keep you abreast of what develops.
Thank you,
- Gary"
Now I don't know Gary, but I thought his input was valuable. Here's a link to Basic Rights Oregon:

I know there are plenty of gay rights groups strategizing about the best possible manner by which to get this done, but I'll respectfully disagree that that means we should not let our elected representatives know how we feel about the issue. I guaruntee you the wacky right is writing letters. Additionally, if all the correspondence comes from a single lobbying group, all the letters can be collectively dismissed as coming from a "special interest" as opposed to "constituents." It may be difficult to change things, and there's some value in being prudent and cautious, but we can't stay silent. We have to be heard, or we'll lose while we're sitting back trying not to piss people off.


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