Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Same-sex marriage in Multnomah county?
link to contact Diane Linn
General contact page for all commissioners
Why not? I just sent this message to Diane Linn, our county chair (CEO): "San Francisco beat us to it! Multnomah County should be doing the same thing and should start issuing marriage liscenses to same-sex couples ASAP. Please contact your legal advisors to determine the most legally sound method of beginning this process. The County can make an important statement to the country while fulfilling its Constitutional duty to extend equal protection to all who live here. While the battles are being fought in Massachusettes and California, we can extend this important and pertinent fight to our own backyards. Thank you for listening, and please take this action!"
If we send enough such messages to our five county commissioners, maybe they'll take a stand on this. Open up the Portland front in this war!


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