Wednesday, March 31, 2004

AM 620 right now
Clear Channel, in an attempt to deflect criticism that they are Bush Lackies, has put the Air America channel on in a token market - OURS!

Edit: the previous comment was completely wrong. The station is not a clear channel station - AA bought time on the station to get into our market.

Paul Hornung
Put his foot in his mouth when he said Notre Dame had to lower their academic standards for atheletes in order to get "the black athelete." If he would have said the same thing in a more diplomatic manner he would not be under fire today. Because blacks don't do as well in high school on average as whites. That's reality, and it's horrible. Now - does ND need "black atheletes" in order to field better teams? If you answer, "well probably," Then maybe we need to address these things as a society. What he should have said is that world-class high school atheletes don't tend to get very good grades and ND needs to lower their standards to accept those kids. Just leave race out of it.


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