Thursday, March 04, 2004

Email exchange with Steve Duin of the Oregonian
After reading his column thursday in which he called to the recall of our county commissioners for granting equal rights to gays, I wrote the following email...

Dear Steve,
How diplomatic of you to cover your desire to not have equal rights in our community with the facade of disdain for the process by which the County Commission made Multnomah County a more fair place to live. There is no way the process itself is what has you (and the rest of your local conservative rag) so up in arms. You are going apopleptic because you hate to see gays and lesbians elevated to an equal legal status with the rest of the community.

Shame on all of you,
Matthew Ryan
Portland Oregon

His response: wrote:

> Don't read my column very often, do you?

My response:
Actually, I don't. Since your rag endorsed W. in 2000, I've pretty much avoided it. It helps that your website is horribly put together, so it's actually easier to get breaking local news from the TV stations websites. And their journalistic standards are even lower than yours.

As far as the County Commission goes - I felt extremely heard on the issue, as I wrote Diane Linn an email two weeks ago (after the SF marriages started) asking her to do exactly what she did. I then sent emails to everyone I know in Mult. Co. asking them to follow suit. I did not know then that the county was already looking into doing it. If anyone had wanted to comment on the issue, the contact information for the council members is clearly set forth on Mult. Co's website. Clear as day. You can write any one of them or all of them on any topic you'd like. Including one that's been all over the news recently. If you didn't think to contact the local authorities who hand out marriage lisences, too bad. Write them now. Feel free.

And since when do we need to have public debate on granting people their civil rights? It's the government's job to do so, regardless of majority opinion. The very reason for the Equal Protection clauses is to protect unpopular minorities from the tyranny of the majority. It's nice to know that some elected officials take it seriously.

And you are using your forum to call for their jobs? Your motivation is clearly to keep a group of people down. To keep them lower than you.

The BS about being upset by the process is transparent.

Matthew Ryan

His response
I hate to disagree with anyone who is so doggone right about our website.
But you don't know me and you don't know what I think. The conclusions you draw are laced with the same bias that you disdain in others.
With all due respect, that's your problem, not mine.

My response:
you put what you think in your column, right? Or were you just mimicing the editors' opinions for a nice pat on the head? You called for the recall of our elected officials (who we voted for because of their progressive views) because they didn't wait for special approval before treating people as equals? If I missed something, don't beat around the bush. Did you mean something other than what you wrote?

So far, I have not heard back. I suspect he thinks he's given me as much time as I deserve.


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