Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Evidence I live in the bizarro world News | Supreme court to take up 'under God'
The US Constitution prohibits any governmental bodies from forcing citizens to hold any particular religious beliefs. Is there anyone who can say that this statement is untrue? Public schools have always been held by the courts to this standard. The Pledge of Allegiance includes a phrase signifying a belief in "God." Public School forces kids to say this pledge, affirming their belief in "God." Does this violate the Establishment Clause?

The Supreme Court has taken up this case (finally.) Accoding to the article, over 90% of Americans think the phrase "under God" should be left in the Pledge, and that kids should be forced to say it. It's obviously Unconstitutional. It's not even a close call. (Yes, the the reference to "God" on our money is Unconstitutional as well.)


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