Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Guest bloggage
Laura is having a day and would like to rant publicly a bit:

OK. I knew better. Let me just say this right off the bat. It's my own fault. I let my resolve slip and I gave in to the lure of a convenient location and an intense craving for a triple mocha. I don't know what I expected. Maybe a decent mocha? Sadly, it was not fated to be. It seemed so simple. I ordered a cookie and a mocha. How hard can that be? Harder than it looks apparently cause the overeducated, overly made-up and very surly artier-than-thou harpy at the counter (where the hell do they find these people?!) got my order wrong TWICE and made it seem like the whole fiasco was somehow my fault for disturbing her while she was mentally composing her latest crappy dark and tortured screenplay. The attitude on this chick was astounding. I finally just turned around and left wordlessly. My mom always told me that if I couldn't say anything nice not to say anything at all. I'm actually very proud of myself that, not only did I not say anything unkind, I didn't reach across the counter, grab the little tart by the throat, shake her silly and yell "Mocha!" in her ear. Well. At least I have my cookie, right? Ha! When I looked in the bag my new nemesis had shoved it in the bag so carelessly that she broke it into numerous pieces. I, much like my son, abhor broken cookies just on principle. As I sat at my desk stewing in my own venom, flicking cookie crumbs across the room and cursing the distinct absence of a mocha in my immediate vicinity, I was reminded of this article I read awhile ago. I know I may have already forwarded this some of you when it first came out but I think you may need reminding. Starbucks is EVIL!!!


As an added point of interest, I have actually made the logo that is referenced in the article and I will gladly send it to anyone who’s interested. : ) Again, some of you may have already seen it on my website before it went on hiatus.

Have a nice day - don't go to Starbucks. [/laura]


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