Thursday, March 04, 2004

How good a Christian are you?
Christianity 9 to 5 - World-class resources for living your faith at work
I have not taken the survey yet, but it looks like they are going to want you to give them info so they can "contact you about your results." :shiver: I'll give them my spam email account.

Update: Actually, they do not ask for your email or other, but they do ask some awkward questions, like "how long have you been Christian?" and "what's your denomination?" I had to write in "not Christian when I selected other.

But here's my results!
Your Scores
Your Scores on the Christian Character Index
Love: 55.7%
Joy: 75.7%
Inner Peace: 72.9%
Patience and Gentleness: 47.1%
Kindness and Generosity: 84.3%
Faithfulness: 27.1%
Self-Control: 34.3%
Forgiveness: 55.7%
Gratitude: 34.3%
Compassion: 70%

Only 55% on love?! Damn. And I think they may have overestimated my faithfulness a wee bit.


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