Monday, March 29, 2004

"It's called Parenting."
That's Laura's line back in the day when I misspoke of "babysitting" Sebastian. It was one of those pieces of wisdom I've learned from her about life, and it's lesson is now part of the foundation upon which I build the relationship I have with my son. It's not a job. It's not a chore like the dishes and the cat boxes. And it sure as hell isn't babysitting. It's parenting, and you don't get days off or breaks. Don't look for the paycheck, either.

At first, it struck me as a harsh lesson. But I know now that my success as a father, and my happiness in my relationship with Sebastian, is in large part based on my deep embrace of the central truth of Laura's message years ago - "It's called Parenting." Sebastian is the person with whom I spend the most time. He is my closest companion. He and I have something together that no other person can have with us. I'm his Dad, and he's my little boo.

Right now, he's still asleep upstairs, and I'm about to go wake him. It's 10:00, and he's slept for 12 hours. He needs a fresh diaper and some breakfast. And I'll get to spend another day with the coolest person I have ever known.


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