Thursday, March 04, 2004

Lifted Straight from Beyond Unreal this morning:

Unreal Tournament 2004 Gold!
by alien8 at 12:02 PM EST (Unreal Tournament 2004) [ 17 Comments ] #5056
You read it right! The game that we've all been waiting for has been officially announced as reaching Gold status. Mark Rein had the following to say in the Atari Community forums:

Hi folks, UT2004 went gold at appproximately 10AM eastern time this morning! Atari tells me that they're going to extraordinary lengths to manufacture and ship the game to have it in on store shelves on March 15th. You can expect to see an official announcement from Atari go out on the wire shortly.

I think UT2004 is the best Unreal game yet and I hope you guys love playing it as much as we do. If you've been playing the demo I can tell you that you ain't seen nothing yet!

Also gone gold is Prima's UT2004 Strategy Guide weighing in at 380 pages! Yes, you read that correctly, 380 pages. It is an awesome strategy guide, certainly the best ever done for an Unreal game. The walk through for Glacier (one of the assault levels) is an amazing 22 pages! This guide is packed with tips and tricks that you're definitely going to want to read.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the demo. It really helped make the game better. At some point after the game ships we'll update the demo to be the same codebase as the retail game. As you might be aware the demo didn't have any cheat protection in it, to avoid giving the hackers a head-start, so it is unlikely we'll release the updated demo before the full game is on store shelves for the same reason.

I hate to admit it that it's been a long time since I've been so psyched for a new game in the Unreal universe, but the demo's got me hooked!

Leave your congratulatory comments to Epic in the above-mentioned thread, and if you haven't played the demo yet, get moving, soldier!

An official Atari press release can also be viewed over here.


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