Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The State of the Blog
There's been some really nice weather out there, and as a responsible Dad, I've got to take the little boo out there to frolic. Plus, Unreal Tournament was just released, and it's got enough material to keep me busy until the wedding this Summer.

Speaking of the Wedding, we are working on our homemade invitations. Don't get nervous - it will invite you to PDX on 7/17 for our Picnic Wedding in the Park. We'll also spruce up the website a bit with info. Email any questions.

And on Sesame Street, I think I'm understanding Cookie Monster better. He's not just the god of Gluttony, encouraging children to reject their healthy breakfast and beg their parents for cookies. No. He is the joy of indulgence. Little Boo laughed like hell today when cookie Monster finally gave in and devoured the cookie which he was not supposed to consume. And since (in addition to McDonald's) today's episode is brought to us by the letter G, Cookie Monster got Gassy. I'm serious.


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