Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Back to the campaign
I've been in kind of a lull during the last month of the campaign, as you can just get so caught up in the minutae of the daily talking points that the whole thing becomes one big back and forth of bickering.

But the White House's new line of attack is just so disgusting and disingenuous that it must be mentioned. Their current story (being dutifully repeated and discussed by their willing press corps) is whether John Kerry threw away his medals (and what he subsequently claimed he had done) at a war protest in 1971 after he had returned from his two tours of duty, for which he volunteered.

At this same time remember that after being suspended from flying, George fucking Bush went AWOL for two years and ran off to Alabama to work for a Republican senatorial campaign. And these flag waving, military benefit cutting GOPers want to start bringing Kerry's nine medals in to the national debate? That's right. They want us to discuss John Kerry's three purple hearts, his silver star, and his bronze star.

Great! Let's discuss, lil' Georgie Porgie. First question:
What did you do with your medals after the war?


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