Friday, April 16, 2004

USPS madness
Do you know that the post office wants me to pay $1 to ship me stamps? 60 stamps. How crazy! Why can't they just do it for free, or at the most, for the cost of a stamp? Sheesh. It's not like they have to hire a shipping company. Seriously! They apparently want to send it to me priority mail. Why can't they just arrange to have my maildude bring me the stamps tomorrow? He's coming this way. They have the stamps at the place he works... And they want to what? Put it in one of their snazzy envelopes and *pay* themselves to ship it to me? Gee, what does the USPS charge the USPS for delivering things? A dollar, I guess. And this is for stamps! Stuff I'm buying to send letters to people using their service. If I were ordering a commemorative USPS coffee mug, well maybe charging me would be in order. But this is like charging me for charging me, you know? Alright /rant.


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