Thursday, April 01, 2004

Wilbon on Hornung
Hornung, In Black And White (
(free registration required) Thanks to Gilles for pointing this one out to me. Hornung's comments were wrong for a number of reasons, although I too am not going to jump down his throat for them. What Hornung knows and Wilbon fails to mention is that about 70 of the top 100 high school football players each year have to be ignored by ND because those kids can't pass admissions. A very large percentage of those kids are black. And they are disproportionately skill position players. The problem is probably even more acute in basketball. Hornung has seen literally 100's of black kids go to other schools while ND can't pursue them due to academic concerns. Tennessee will take them. Texas will take them. Florida will take them. And these schools are stomping us on the field. ND could get better players, (and better black players), if they lowered their admissions standards. Sucks, but true.

That said, Hornung's comment, taken alone could perpetuate stereotypes that are insulting to blacks. He was wrong to say it. He apologized.


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