Sunday, April 04, 2004

Wrong, wrong, wrong!
Mother Who Stoned 2 Sons to Death Acquitted on All Charges
Keep in mind that I always side with the defense, and have researched mental health defenses sympathetically throughout my higher education.

If this woman had said "Thor" instructed her to kill her sons, she would have been convicted. If she had said "Allah" instructed her to fly planes into the WTC on 9/11/2001, she'd be considered the most evil person alive. It shows our society's idiotic pro-christian bias that a woman can say she thought "God" (meaning that hateful jackass most christian monotheists believe in) told her to kill her kids, and she "doesn't know right from wrong." Okay... let's say she did think the almighty jerk did tell her to kill her kids (which she subsequently did). Ponder... That would be enough to confuse right from wrong? Does that mean it would have been "right" if this God of her's did tell her to do it? Come on people! If "God" tells you to kill people, don't do it because killing people is wrong.

Fucking stupid, gullible people believe in these ghosts and goblins. STOP BEING FOOLED BY THIS "GOD" BULLSHIT! WAKE UP!


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