Sunday, May 16, 2004

Read this! This is the future
The New York Times > Business > Tight Oil Supply Won't Ease Soon
Demand is way up. Supplies are being produced as fast as possible and can't keep up. The supply is by it's nature, finite. Oil will die. Prices may go down again before the election, but the prices are going to steadily rise from now until the supply is gone. Upside? Sales of SUV's are starting to dip. Alternative fuel research is the only thing that makes sense. Energy is abundant in the world. We just need to learn how to efficiently tap it and convert it. There's tides, there's winds, there's geo-thermal, and most obviously, there's the damned Sun. Whomever learns the best ways of turning these sources into the most usable energy will be in position to dominate the world after the oil is gone. So it's patriotic to support alternative fuels.

My ideal world will have every house or every neighborhood with their own power supplies. Slap a solar cell on your roof, and say good bye to the grid. Have batteries in your basement that look like today's water heaters. Share your excess with neighbors for free.

And don't even get me started on how desalination plants will solve the water crisis.


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