Friday, May 21, 2004

Santa Cruz Organics
I had the following exchange with Santa Cruz Organics:

my email:
The bottom of my SCO chocolate syrup container has a Smuckers label. Are you affiliated with Smuckers, or is there some other explanation as to why their corporate name would be on your packaging?

their response:
Santa Cruz Organic was purchased by The J.M. Smucker Corporation over ten
years ago. We still do the manufacturing here, but it has allowed us to
produce a much better product and have much higher standards.

Thank You,
Tiffany Geha
This depresses me. It's right down there with finding out that Cascadian Farms is a subsidiary of General Mills. Both Cascadian Farms and Santa Cruz Organics have statements on their packaging talking about how great the US federal "organic" standard is. Not surprising considering how hard the huge food corporations lobbied for watered down "organic" standards.

Another element that surprised me was that SCO did not have any mention of being owned by Smuckers on their web site. It's as if they know they should be embarrassed. Cascadian Farms says pretty clearly on their web site that they are actually General Mills.

It's getting harder and harder to find foods I feel good about buying even in the organic sections of the grocery store. :sniff:


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