Tuesday, June 01, 2004

LJ vs. Blogger
One really cool thing about LJ is that readers can leave comments in the free account, whereas if I want to have feedback here on this blog, I'd have to go to the paid account (or else do a sleezy end around and rip off the blogger folks.) If anyone has any interesting thoughts on the blogger vs. LJ thing, either email me or go by way of my LJ and leave feedback.

EDIT: Hmm. Looks like blogger has added comments features for free. Looks like I have a project for the day - reformatting my blog.

EDIT2: Well, new template! Now I just have to use this template to put the comments feature in. The old template was one of the pre-comments age, and it did not support comments. The new choices are great (check this out, man!) and do support comments. This is a cool new age in blogging technology.


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