Friday, February 06, 2004

Gotta quote Bill Maher | Lose the twang, y'all
On southern voters who won't vote for a northerner:
"We Southerners ain't gonna vote for no Yankee! You suckers up North will take our Clintons and Carters, but we just ain't buyin' Kerrys and Deans."

And that's a shame. Not just for Democrats but for democracy itself. And I feel bad for the millions of intelligent people who live in a region still dominated by so much prejudice that anyone who wants to be president better have a twang in his voice and pronounce all four E's in the word "shit."

Parallel Universe News - You Decide 2004 - You Decide 2004 Poll - Could 2004 Election Be as Close as 2000?
In the Fox News current polls, Bush is beating all the Democrats, and his popularity is going up! But my favorite is the answers people had to choose from with "Why has the coalition not found WMD in Iraq" Were either, "US was misled" or "WMD moved to another country." Wow - how about "the President is a lying sack of shit?"

I made some kick ass soup tonight. Just sayin'.

One thing from the scary Bush site
... was the reminder that today is the 93rd birthday of Evil Incarnate, Ronald Reagan. I thought I'd take the opportunity once again to remind everyone that the day he finally dies (if in fact the beast can be die), there is a party at my house to celebrate. Whenever or wherever you hear the good news, just plan on being at my house that night! When I hear the news, I'll get cleaning and making the dip.

The scariest site I have seen yet :: The Official Re-election Site for President George W. Bush
I'm bookmarking this fucker in my "right wing nuts" folder to keep an eye on him. You should stop in and take a peek at the other side from time to time, if for no other reason then to scare you into voting. It's all about turnout, people. And I will be on everyone's asses to get your votes mailed in this Fall.

Beer plug
Full Sail Brewing Company; Hood River, Oregon
I was thrilled when I found out that the Full Sail employees had bought their brewery. These guys make some awesome beer, and they fully deserve your support. I switched from Widmer Bros - these guys are my new favorite.

Just added the link to the Edwards campaign blog. I don't know why I spaced that and didn't have it up before. If you notice a glaring omission like that on the blog, please send me an email and call it to my attention. As always - if there's anything you'd like to see here, please let me know.

Graph lifted straight from Daily Kos & Music for America

Graph shows average monthly job craetion per presidential administration going back to the first Truman Administration. The four worst have been 1. Bush II; 2. Eisenhower (2nd term); 3. Eisenhower (1st term); 4. Bush I. The five best were 1. Clinton (1st term); 2. Clinton (2nd term); 3. Reagan (2nd term); 4. Carter; 5. Johnson. Now... which party is better at handling the economy?

Organics to You
Organics to You
I may have already blogged this group. I meant to, but don't remember and am too lazy to look it up. Anyway, we got our amazing deal "small bin" of fruits and veggies on Tuesday, and everything has been superb. I can't recommend them enough. If you live in the Portland area, an account with them is well worth starting. Whatever money you give them you will save at Freddy's or whereever, so it's zero sum in the financial column. And it will do wonders getting you to remember to eat better all the while supporting small, local, organic farmers. It's a winning proposition in every conceivable way. Oh yeah - and they deliver stuff right to your house, for cryin' out loud.

Salon's War Room Politics
This page, updated several times a day, has quickly become essential reading if you want to keep an eye on the politics of the Presidential campaign. It links (blog like) to stories around the web relevent to campaign junkies, and explains the current tactics being deployed by the different camps. Highly recommended reading.

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Thursday, February 05, 2004

By the Way... Oklahoma
Since Oklahoma took so long to report it's results, it wasn't blogged here. I'd be remiss not to give you the full poop.
Clark won with 29.9% and gets 15 delegates.
#2 was Edwards with 29.5% and 13 delegates
Kerry was third with 26.8% and gets 12 delegates
No one else got any delegates.
Dean had 4%, and Sharpton edged out Kucinich with about 1% each.

the War on Terrorism
Why do Americans continue to tell pollsters that they support Bush's handling of the War on Terrorism, when that war has been completely ignored in favor of the Bush family vendetta against the people of Iraq? I mean, I can't even remember the last time the White House talked about that elusive Osama Bin Laden! I'm all for focusing on Al Qaida. I really wish the republicans would do exactly that. I wish they had spent the last year going after bin Laden and Al Qaida instead of patrolling the streets of Bagdad. Sheesh - how bad does this guy have to be before people realize what a phony he is?

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Just need to try something really quick.

Important article by Robert Scheer | The lies that bind
Usually, I only blog a story if I think I have something interesting to add to the topics discussed, or simply to express my outrage. This article in linked here merely to call your attention to it. It is a concise and eloquent explanation of the problems with the Neo-cons war in Iraq. It's also the first time I've seriously considered that maybe we should pull out of there sooner rather than later (although my fear of an Iranian-type theocracy scares me enough to be cautious on that.)

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

More Kerry wins
Kerry takes Noth Dakota, Arizona & New Mexico, along with Missouri & Delaware. That's five out of seven today. Oklahoma was still a three way heat last I heard.

It seems clear that Kerry is running a full on National campaign, while everyone else is picking and choosing their battles. Edwards is clearly in second place now. Clark and Dean are further back, but Clark did well in Oklahoma. Dean had a miserable day.

Leiberman is thankfully done, so the nightmares of "President Leiberman" can cease. Tough to win Democratic primaries when you're main point is that democrats all suck, except for the ones that act like Rebublicans - they're "mainstream." Good riddence. Now just change parties so you can suck up to the Bush family some more.

Joe Conason today pointed out that Sharpton's campaign is now completely under the control of extreme right wingers, which may explain why blacks in South Carolina were four times as likely to vote for Kerry or Edwards as they were Sharpton. I'm officially writing him off, and I might not discuss the guy further.

And Kucinich has no charisma at all. Wait... is he still running? It's a two man race, for all practical purposes, with Clark & Dean kinda hanging in there.

Kerry wins huge in 2 states
Missouri & Delaware go to Kerry by big margins. Like half the vote.

And it's scary listening to a wild pack of Southerners chanting "Edwards, Edwards, Edwards!" in a southern drawl. (NPR) It's weird to hear any crowd chanting anything in a drawl. :shiver:

Edwards wins South Carolina
Well, CW was Edwards wins SC or he was out, so this is a very good thing. I don't want this decided too soon, and Edwards is a good guy. Also, early polls show 3-way tie (30-30-30) between Edwards, Clark & Kerry in Arkansas. Should be interesting. I guess since CNN & NBC called the Edwards in S. Carolina right after the polls closed, it's not going to be very close there. CNN calls the margin "comfortable."

Email to Chill
You might be happy to know that were I voting in a primary today, I'd vote for Edwards. I'd like him to be able to stay in the race longer. I don't want a Kerry-Dean-Clark-Sharpton field left after today.

I like Kerry. In fact the more I read about him, the more I like him. Good sign. I think he'll make a fine President. But I think having Edwards in the race longer is good for the Party, and for Edward's promising future. I'd like to see him give a rousing populist speech at the convention.

And I'm watching turnout today. If the turnout is really high in all seven states, I'll be close to declaring bush dead.

(and I've decided to repeat a bunch of this in my blog, even though it was written just for you, peach.)

Matrix Revolutions
So last night, I went to the Kennedy School to see the 9:30 Matrix Revolutions. It was the first time I'd bothered to go see it. Perhaps because the horrible reviews for the movie diminished my expectations, or perhaps it was because the movie was actually :ducking: pretty good, but I enjoyed myself. The movie was completely unlike the first two and had plenty of surprises. I don't want to give anything away for those who have not seen it, but your basic, formulaic hollywood ending is absent. Return of the King left way more protagonists alive than the Matrix. I sat back and enjoyed the story, the amazing visuals, and complex conflicts throughout. I think people who disliked Matrix 2 & 3 were jumping on a bandwagon. Not that there isn't legitimate flaws to critique, but please- most of the crap that Hollywood puts out just sucks horribly by comparison.

And the Kennedy School is wonderful. I got to drink my beer and eat my popcorn while lounging on my own leather sofa. And especially for a second run theater, the sound was pretty good.

Monday, February 02, 2004

On closer examination
Janet's Tit
That might not be a pasty, rather a elaborate piercing. Check out the picture and see what you think - it looks like the nipple (the pointy part) is coming through the center of the spiked apparatus.

Okay, fine... halftime
Well, I mentioned the halftime show last night, without mentioning the incident which is all over the news today. Why? Because before the "accidental" nudity, I had turned it off, because it sucked. This writer beat me to the obvious assertion that it was no accident. Are we supposed to believe that the pedophile's sister just happens to wear shiney pasties when she's not going to have her bodice ripped off her on national TV? Please. What's the guy doing grabbing and pulling down her corset if not to expose her breast?

Explanation as to why the clock doesn't work in IE
This page explains that MS decided not to support this kind of script. Perhaps I can figure out another way to do it. MS = fuckwads.

I have concluded that it's cool, and I'm leaving it in, even though it doesn't work in IE. Bill Gates is a dick. Not my fault.

The clock
Okay, so my clock doesn't work if you're using internet explorer, I'm sad to learn. I assure you, the problem is in internet explorer, which does not comply to web standards, and instead uses microsoft standards. The link for the clock is directly from the US government, not a fly-by-night operation regardless of whatever else you think of them. The clock comes from the freaking inventors of the internet. Microsoft just screws it up, because they are screw-ups. If you are using a web-standards complient browser, like Mozilla, then the clock shows up fine-dandy.

On a side note, when I tested my blog using ie (after a report that the clock didn't work) I immediately got a pop-up window. One page using ie, and I got a freaking pop-up window. It's not like I got a pop-up window after looking around for twenty minutes. One page, one pop-up window. How do you users of IE get through a day?! Switch already!!

One other note - my blog looks like crap in IE - at least on my machine. The text is HUGE! It's close to impossible to read. It looks so much better in that other browser you're all tired of hearing about.

Blog redecorating
Okay, so I've added the *snazzy ass* clock and moon phase on the right co lumn, but after researching how, I've decided to forego putting a google search bar on the page as well. You all know how to search, and if you're intelligent enough to be using Firebird, then you can just use the google bar imbedded therein anyway. Still looking for other snazzy bells and whistles to add to this here blog.

The clock & moon thingie
Dude - I am extreme cool html hackor (HaXX3R) extraordinaire. Check out the cool clock moon phase thingies, linked straight from the US Naval Observatory. (Okay, so the military does *some* good things.) And I can fake some html know-how. The clock only goes for 11 ticks, but it's really, bizarrely accurate. Now you can use my blog to set your watch or check in on our lady, Luna. Now I'm off to find out what other cool crap I can link to!

Sunday, February 01, 2004

One Sagittarian quality that I totally embody is that I get all excited about something, start it eagerly, then get bored and don't finish it. After learning the scope of the operations at freegeek, I'm thinking I'm going to go in and volunteer for that organization. It will be nice to get out of the house, interact with adults, and learn more about computers in the process. Free computer classes in exchange for volunteering with an organization I'm 100% behind? Sounds like a great deal! Plus, they are right here in scenic Southeast Portland! Now, I know I don't always follow through with these moments of motivation, (as referenced earlier in this post) but as of now, I'm going to do this ASAP. (they open again tuesday.)

Product Review
Jolly Time KettleMania popcorn sucks ass. But it's still better than the Super Bowl Pregame and Halftime shows. I miss Hooray For Everthing! Those kids were so optimistic!

Little pet peeve
My girlfriend is incapable of closing a cabinet door after opening it. Absolutely mystifying.

This organization kicks ass.
FREE GEEK If you're in the PDX area, you can recycle your computer here, and find some cheap, used working equipment at their thrift store. As soon as I get the cash together (they ask for fees to recycle your monitors, etc.) then I'm over there with most of the crap in our storage room.