Saturday, March 06, 2004

RNC attacks - RNC´┐Żtells TV stations not to run anti-Bush ads - Mar 7, 2004
Republicans are the worst people the world has to offer. As soon as possible, I'm making another donation to moveon.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Just a really pretty picture - Hubble image said to echo van Gogh 'Starry Night' - Mar. 5, 2004

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Email exchange with Steve Duin of the Oregonian
After reading his column thursday in which he called to the recall of our county commissioners for granting equal rights to gays, I wrote the following email...

Dear Steve,
How diplomatic of you to cover your desire to not have equal rights in our community with the facade of disdain for the process by which the County Commission made Multnomah County a more fair place to live. There is no way the process itself is what has you (and the rest of your local conservative rag) so up in arms. You are going apopleptic because you hate to see gays and lesbians elevated to an equal legal status with the rest of the community.

Shame on all of you,
Matthew Ryan
Portland Oregon

His response: wrote:

> Don't read my column very often, do you?

My response:
Actually, I don't. Since your rag endorsed W. in 2000, I've pretty much avoided it. It helps that your website is horribly put together, so it's actually easier to get breaking local news from the TV stations websites. And their journalistic standards are even lower than yours.

As far as the County Commission goes - I felt extremely heard on the issue, as I wrote Diane Linn an email two weeks ago (after the SF marriages started) asking her to do exactly what she did. I then sent emails to everyone I know in Mult. Co. asking them to follow suit. I did not know then that the county was already looking into doing it. If anyone had wanted to comment on the issue, the contact information for the council members is clearly set forth on Mult. Co's website. Clear as day. You can write any one of them or all of them on any topic you'd like. Including one that's been all over the news recently. If you didn't think to contact the local authorities who hand out marriage lisences, too bad. Write them now. Feel free.

And since when do we need to have public debate on granting people their civil rights? It's the government's job to do so, regardless of majority opinion. The very reason for the Equal Protection clauses is to protect unpopular minorities from the tyranny of the majority. It's nice to know that some elected officials take it seriously.

And you are using your forum to call for their jobs? Your motivation is clearly to keep a group of people down. To keep them lower than you.

The BS about being upset by the process is transparent.

Matthew Ryan

His response
I hate to disagree with anyone who is so doggone right about our website.
But you don't know me and you don't know what I think. The conclusions you draw are laced with the same bias that you disdain in others.
With all due respect, that's your problem, not mine.

My response:
you put what you think in your column, right? Or were you just mimicing the editors' opinions for a nice pat on the head? You called for the recall of our elected officials (who we voted for because of their progressive views) because they didn't wait for special approval before treating people as equals? If I missed something, don't beat around the bush. Did you mean something other than what you wrote?

So far, I have not heard back. I suspect he thinks he's given me as much time as I deserve.

How good a Christian are you?
Christianity 9 to 5 - World-class resources for living your faith at work
I have not taken the survey yet, but it looks like they are going to want you to give them info so they can "contact you about your results." :shiver: I'll give them my spam email account.

Update: Actually, they do not ask for your email or other, but they do ask some awkward questions, like "how long have you been Christian?" and "what's your denomination?" I had to write in "not Christian when I selected other.

But here's my results!
Your Scores
Your Scores on the Christian Character Index
Love: 55.7%
Joy: 75.7%
Inner Peace: 72.9%
Patience and Gentleness: 47.1%
Kindness and Generosity: 84.3%
Faithfulness: 27.1%
Self-Control: 34.3%
Forgiveness: 55.7%
Gratitude: 34.3%
Compassion: 70%

Only 55% on love?! Damn. And I think they may have overestimated my faithfulness a wee bit.

Lifted Straight from Beyond Unreal this morning:

Unreal Tournament 2004 Gold!
by alien8 at 12:02 PM EST (Unreal Tournament 2004) [ 17 Comments ] #5056
You read it right! The game that we've all been waiting for has been officially announced as reaching Gold status. Mark Rein had the following to say in the Atari Community forums:

Hi folks, UT2004 went gold at appproximately 10AM eastern time this morning! Atari tells me that they're going to extraordinary lengths to manufacture and ship the game to have it in on store shelves on March 15th. You can expect to see an official announcement from Atari go out on the wire shortly.

I think UT2004 is the best Unreal game yet and I hope you guys love playing it as much as we do. If you've been playing the demo I can tell you that you ain't seen nothing yet!

Also gone gold is Prima's UT2004 Strategy Guide weighing in at 380 pages! Yes, you read that correctly, 380 pages. It is an awesome strategy guide, certainly the best ever done for an Unreal game. The walk through for Glacier (one of the assault levels) is an amazing 22 pages! This guide is packed with tips and tricks that you're definitely going to want to read.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the demo. It really helped make the game better. At some point after the game ships we'll update the demo to be the same codebase as the retail game. As you might be aware the demo didn't have any cheat protection in it, to avoid giving the hackers a head-start, so it is unlikely we'll release the updated demo before the full game is on store shelves for the same reason.

I hate to admit it that it's been a long time since I've been so psyched for a new game in the Unreal universe, but the demo's got me hooked!

Leave your congratulatory comments to Epic in the above-mentioned thread, and if you haven't played the demo yet, get moving, soldier!

An official Atari press release can also be viewed over here.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Christians should all hang their heads in shame | efforts to pass anti-civil rights ballot initiatives
As Christian groups around the country, and even around my State do everything in their power to promote their agenda of hate and division, all thinking persons that have been Christian during their lives should forcefully denounce their hateful religion today. Waste no more time giving your voice and numbers to these hate groups posing as religions of love.

Fascist Oregonian bullshit
County joins marriage mutiny
The local conservative rag, the Oregonian, has sharply condemned the county for granting equal rights.

So my Valentine's present was tickets to a Liz Phair show that was last night. And I've said this before, and it's far from an original thought - but Liz Phair is fucking hot. I mean, even if she wasn't playing, it was worth the time and money just to look at her for an hour and a half. But she's also just brilliant. I was completely enamoured of her music before I ever really knew what she looked like. But as my beautiful girlfriend and I stood there at the show, the one thought that kept running through my head was, "Liz Phair is fucking hot!"

A thought on shows generally: What's up with people in the crowd screaming out random song titles between songs? Are they completely unfamiliar with the concept of a playlist? Do they ever see bands looking at each other between songs and goin' "Gee guys, what song should we play next?" No! They all know exactly what song they're going to play next AND the one after. So stop screaming random song titles in my ear, dipshits!

Gay marriages going on in Portland right now!
Yes! Thanks to all who wrote letters on behalf of civil rights to the county commissioners!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

As though commanded from on high
BeyondUnreal is now reporting that Atari is shipping UT 2004 on 3/16! YeeHaw!

Slashdot | Video Games Make People Fat and Mean
I just love that headline too much to not blog this story. I, too am off to go play the UT2004 demo some more! (Oh what cruel weeks we have to wait for it to hit shelves!!)

NASA to make big announcement today - Mars rover makes 'significant findings' - Mar. 2, 2004
Stay tuned...

Update: there used to be water on Mars. (really, really good evidence.)

Monday, March 01, 2004

deleted - bad hack info. I'll figure it out later.