Thursday, April 01, 2004

simpsons news - Report: 'Simpsons' stars in work stoppage - Apr 1, 2004
Not an April Fool's joke - the cast of the Simpsons is in contract dispute.

Wilbon on Hornung
Hornung, In Black And White (
(free registration required) Thanks to Gilles for pointing this one out to me. Hornung's comments were wrong for a number of reasons, although I too am not going to jump down his throat for them. What Hornung knows and Wilbon fails to mention is that about 70 of the top 100 high school football players each year have to be ignored by ND because those kids can't pass admissions. A very large percentage of those kids are black. And they are disproportionately skill position players. The problem is probably even more acute in basketball. Hornung has seen literally 100's of black kids go to other schools while ND can't pursue them due to academic concerns. Tennessee will take them. Texas will take them. Florida will take them. And these schools are stomping us on the field. ND could get better players, (and better black players), if they lowered their admissions standards. Sucks, but true.

That said, Hornung's comment, taken alone could perpetuate stereotypes that are insulting to blacks. He was wrong to say it. He apologized.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Jobs and Healthcare have converged
Well, we've been trying to get the right half of this country to support Universal Health Care for decades now with futile appeals to their non-existant consciences. Let's reframe it: think of the jobs! How many jobs will be created by serving the health care needs for 40 million-plus Americans who are currently deemed unworthy of health care by the current system? Answer: a lot, and they're good jobs, too.

AM 620 right now
Clear Channel, in an attempt to deflect criticism that they are Bush Lackies, has put the Air America channel on in a token market - OURS!

Edit: the previous comment was completely wrong. The station is not a clear channel station - AA bought time on the station to get into our market.

Paul Hornung
Put his foot in his mouth when he said Notre Dame had to lower their academic standards for atheletes in order to get "the black athelete." If he would have said the same thing in a more diplomatic manner he would not be under fire today. Because blacks don't do as well in high school on average as whites. That's reality, and it's horrible. Now - does ND need "black atheletes" in order to field better teams? If you answer, "well probably," Then maybe we need to address these things as a society. What he should have said is that world-class high school atheletes don't tend to get very good grades and ND needs to lower their standards to accept those kids. Just leave race out of it.

Monday, March 29, 2004

"It's called Parenting."
That's Laura's line back in the day when I misspoke of "babysitting" Sebastian. It was one of those pieces of wisdom I've learned from her about life, and it's lesson is now part of the foundation upon which I build the relationship I have with my son. It's not a job. It's not a chore like the dishes and the cat boxes. And it sure as hell isn't babysitting. It's parenting, and you don't get days off or breaks. Don't look for the paycheck, either.

At first, it struck me as a harsh lesson. But I know now that my success as a father, and my happiness in my relationship with Sebastian, is in large part based on my deep embrace of the central truth of Laura's message years ago - "It's called Parenting." Sebastian is the person with whom I spend the most time. He is my closest companion. He and I have something together that no other person can have with us. I'm his Dad, and he's my little boo.

Right now, he's still asleep upstairs, and I'm about to go wake him. It's 10:00, and he's slept for 12 hours. He needs a fresh diaper and some breakfast. And I'll get to spend another day with the coolest person I have ever known.