Friday, April 23, 2004

That wacky, wacky church News | Kerry campaign: Religious affiliation a 'non-issue'
I think a wise course of action would be for the church to give every single catholic a questionnaires asking them their political views. Abortion would be one issue. But don't stop there. Do they think people should be legally able to purchase contraception? Do they think war is a good idea? Is masturbating a mortal sin?

Then take every single person, politician or not, and excommunicate every single one of them that disagrees about anything. The three people who are still catholic can just have at it.

Portlanders - check out this guy.
Me for Mayor
Phil Busse for mayor site. This guy's my current favorite, but I'm open minded on the issue. If anyone has a case for anyone for mayor, let me know. Election day is May 18.

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This gave me a laugh. News | Vatican clamps down on abuses in Mass
When I first saw the headline, I wondered if it was about stopping priests from telling their congregations to vote for Republicans. Quite the opoosite! The priests are not partisan enough!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Government lies to you: surprise of the year! - Worker fired over photo of flag-draped coffins - Apr 22, 2004
This time, the lies are in what they won't let you see. You see, if you saw flag-draped coffins of dead soldiers, it might make you think that going to war had actual costs, which would make you less likely to support the war. Since your job as a citizen of a democracy is to DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD, and not think for yourself, you are not allowed to see this information. Nice, huh?

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Little update:
the links on the right side are updated, as I have changed the url on the wedding site to the new, correct one. And the link to the picture of me was outdated and removed. There is no new one, yet. let me know how much skin you want in the next pic I post.