Saturday, May 08, 2004

Phillip Robertson's story from Iraq News | "Sometimes they pretended to kill me"
This is a new chapter of shame in American history. If the war's purpose was to win over the hearts of the Arab world, it is now clearly and irrevokably lost. The words, "I told you so" don't seem adequate. War makes monsters of men. It is a fool's errand. We should have never gone, because it was foreseeable that really bad things would come of it. It's war after all. The shit has hit the fan, and we need to leave as soon as humanly possible. And we need to start the next administration with apologies to the world.

Thanks, George.

It's time to write a little.
It's come to my attention that there are some people out there that actually read this blog. I thought, "What have I even put on there lately?" And the answer was, "not much." I guess it's tiring to keep putting the same thing over and over: today's news with commentary saying that I think today's news shows Bush is a jack ass. It's got to be tiring to read, too.

But there's this other option. My life. I could write about that. And the people who read this might even be interested. Scary thought. I am neither newsworthy nor entirely comfortable putting my feelings out there in an enormously public way.

But tonight I went out with a dear friend. We went to see Van Helsing then had a beer. It was... comfortable. It was warm and friendly and comfortable, just as she always is. She means a lot to me, and lately I have not seen her. I miss her when she's not a part of my life but other things get in the way, namely work, responsabilities, and the respective families we share our homes with. But there's definitely something missing when she's not a part of my life. But I got to see her tonight. And it was wonderful.

The other day, I gave Daisy up for adoption. Daisy was mine for two years. She was my first art car. There will be others, of course. There's nothing quite like driving down the street and seeing kids crane their necks or press their face up against their car window to get a better look - and the faces filled with wonderment. You can just see their minds expanding. It's a rush. Plus - the art work was really good. I freaking kicked ass when I painted that car. She's beautiful. Don't know what the new owners are going to do (perhaps take her to maaco and get her painted white (barf.)) But I had to give her up as she was no longer street legal and she was collecting tickets. To officer Lowry, who saw the need to ticket Daisy over and over, a big fuck you. Art cars are preferred by the dieties, and your after life is going to suck, you horrible bastard. =-b j/k I know the good copper was "just doing his job" when he kept littering poor daisy with his notices of infraction. But yeh - Daisy left my possession (if one can ever really possess Daisy) on tuesday this week, and it was freaking sad seeing her drive away.

On the home front, I'm seriously wondering if I'm cut out for parenting. Some days (like today) I truly suck at it. No equivocations. Today was bad. Boo and I were at odds like crazy. I suppose when he's 14 we'll get along fine, right? It doesn't help that every other day a new study is released making it perfectly clear that little minor FU's and the boo will end up with any number of serious mental health issues later in life. But you know - no pressure or anything.

Tuesday I have an appointment to see a doctor. If all goes well, this doctor will prescribe me the meds I need. When I lost my job last August, my health insurance went with it. My scrips are gone. Out. I need my mental health meds, and I'm hoping this doctor will help me instead of meeting me once and declaring me fit & trim (therefore in no need of my meds.) I hate that the government simultaneously requires prescriptions for thousands of medicines, but sets up the system so 40 million + people can't get access to doctors. Nice work, ass holes. And guess which side of the aisle perpetuates this bullshit? Ahh yes - the same ol' same ol', but hey - it's my blog.

Friday, May 07, 2004

The oft cited New Yorker report
The New Yorker: Fact
I guess "pro-torture" is going to now be officially required to be a Republican. Republican values: Fuck the poor, fuck the environment, deny reproductive freedom, bash minorities, cater to the financial interests of the wealthy few, run up budget deficits which ruin the economy, alienate the entire world so they all hate us, and now: condone torture. If these are your values, go ahead and vote for George Bush again. But you have to look in the mirror.

Monday, May 03, 2004

All Glory to the Hypnotoad!
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I don't know how long he'll leave this up - but it's awesome.

More proof that Americans love torture! QuickVote
Fucking sick ass world we live in.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Some thoughts
Our Constitutional system (when respected and honored by those involved) is beautiful. The document is essentially one which says which powers belong with whom. The Executive branch is Commander of the military, enforcer of laws, head of Sate in foreign affairs, etc. The legislature makes laws, creates the budget, declares war, etc. Among other powers, the Courts adjudicate disputes, rule on conflicts between the branches, and decide what it is the Constitution says.

There are other parties, but one party frequently left out of the discussion is the people. What powers do the people have vis-a-vis their government? Well, the Bill of Rights talks about several of them. I get to pick my religion. I get to decide what comes out of my mouth when I speak (and what gets published here.) I can assemble with my friends. I can have a gun. The government cannot punish me in cruel and unusual ways.

Which brings us to my question. Who has authority over an individual's reproductive issues? Is that power properly with the government, or is it with the people? It seems that this question is completely independant from the morality with which one would weild that power. The rightness or wrongness of for example, using contraception or having an abortion is irrelevent to the question I pose. Who in our Constitutional system properly has the power to make these decisions? The people or the government?

It seems to me that of all the powers that are properly with the people, (such as what gods I believe in, etc.) that my sexuality and reproduction are about as private of matters as there can be. I can think of few realms of power more properly invested in the people than the issues of sexuality and reproduction. When compared to other, less dramatic decisions one makes (what should I have for breakfast, what clothes should I wear?) the issues of sexuality and reproduction seem so far from being the proper business of the government that I am shocked that so many Americans wish to assert that power.

The Supreme Court has seen this wisdom. What I have written here (as what the proper realms of power should be) are in fact the way in which those powers are currently assigned and weilded. I get to pick who I have sex with, and the government gets to pick whether we go fight a war. I disagree with the way they have weilded that power, but I recognize that they have the power. The government does not need to agree with the way that I use my power over my own sexuality and reproduction. They only need to recognize that power and let me weild it as I see fit.