Saturday, June 05, 2004

Reagan Dead
Wow - I write that I can't get myself to dance on someone's pending grave, then I do cat boxes, then I come back to the computer and the old fucker died. I'm feeling far less elation at this moment than I've envisioned for the last 15 years since I decided to have the Reagan dies party. Call me if you're coming over, and BYOB, kay?

The party could be any day now! - Reagan's office deflects report of decline - Jun 5, 2004
The evil one may finally be on his way out. Party that night at mi casa.
Edit: and now that it's at hand, I feel a lot less excited about it than I have for the last 15 years. It's just that damned inherent goodness of us weak kneed liberals. We just can't dance on someone's grave. You think W. would ever have such moral misgivings about celebrating the death of an enemy? Or that Nixon would have?

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Friday, June 04, 2004

Well, here's the whole famdamily at the zoo on wednesday! Posted by Hello

Hello (the program)
Hello, the photo-blogging software that is supposed to work with this blog, sucks. Their software is amateurish and buggy. It forces its users to use IE, which is just horrible. And now - it's offline and not working at all, even if I was willing to have that shit program on my desktop for a few seconds. Bah.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Chicago Tribune review Movie review: 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'

Another review
Here's the Seattle Times review, too. Still have not found a negative review.

Stephanie Zacharek's review. Arts & Entertainment | "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"
"one of the greatest fantasy films of all time." Kinda positive, eh?

Willy Week
Willamette Week Online | Screen | REVIEW | The Passion of the Potter
Willy Week is too cool to like Harry Potter, of course. (edit) They fall in to the cool kid persona and act like only dorks would still be in to HP. Then they kinda like the movie despite themselves.

Edit: here's the typically incompetent Oregonian review, too. It's not that they dis the movie (they give it a good review), but they make all the typical mistakes of hack reviewers. This reviewer at least angrily asserts her right to have not read the book, although in a cowardly fashion in which she doesn't actually fess up to it.

New York Times' PoA review
The New York Times > Movies > Movie Review | 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban': An Adolescent Wizard Meets a Grown-Up Moviemaker
I've alerted blogger support to my inability to edit posts... Else this would be part of a list.

Edit: (I figured a work around for the edit - I can only have one tab open in the current window)
Anyway: here's the USA Today review; and here's the Boston Globe review.

Ebert's review
I'm apparently having trouble editing posts. Perhaps it's an issue with my new template? hopefully, blogger will get it sorted out soon enough. In the meantime - the second posted review gets its own post.

Harry Potter review depot - An older,�darker Harry Potter - Jun 3, 2004
We've had tickets for a week. La & I have a date for tomorrow night's 7:30 show. I've been looking forward to this one for a really long time.

Edit: Yes! Edit!! (Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't) Well, Kenneth Toran of the LA Times and Morning Edition gave us his radio review just now, and he praised Cuaron for being able to break free of Columbus' "prison" and capture the spirit of Rowling's books. He, like several other reviewers, then went on and said a bunch of things that cast doubt as to whether or not he'd actually read the books. For instance, Toran suggested it was some sort of lack of courage for Cuaron to not write the Dursley's out of the story (displaying how little he understands of the importance of the Dursleys' roles in the story, the framework of the tales, and the characterization of the protagonist.) To Toran, they are boring. He also suggests the movie is too long (and I was wondering why it wasn't longer!) Toran displays his ignorance by implying that the elements of Harry Potter are like so many Tom Bombadils, interesting maybe, but unnecessary to the story.

One of the constant themes I've read from several reviewers is that Cuaron has made this film darker than its predecessors. Interesting, especially considering Rowling's books have become longer, more adult, and significantly darker in turn. Columbus did not capture the darkness of the first two books well. But he's a hack, so... Anyway, Cuaron comes along and makes a dark movie from a dark book (both apparently conveying Rowling's Dark, british humour) and reviewers are tripping over themselves to act as though Cuaron invented dark.

If the books were fluffy and shallow, they would not appeal to anyone, especially kids. Making a movie about a kid who has some really bad stuff happen to him while he dances with his own tortured soul is exactly as dark as we want and need these movies to be.

I'm looking forward to seeing this, although I'm almost certain that it's going to anger me at how many story elements and characters are removed in order to cut the movie's length to appeal to Muggles like Toran.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

False alarm - Cliff got tired of being a has been on the beach, and the author (Livingston Dangerously) got some new inspiration and Cliff is back hanging from his cliff. Whew!

Holy crap! The last Cliff Hanger?
Today's Between the Lions is about the last episode of Cliff Hanger. If true, they are retiring an archetype. As I type this, Cliff Hanger is no longer hanging from a cliff. Instead, our hero is laying on a beach. The singers in the helicoptor are complaining that they're out of a job, and Lionel is beside himself. Stay tuned.

Blogging about blogging - Japanese entrepreneur spreads blogging gospel - Jun 2, 2004
I'm constantly interested in stories about blogging. Especially since this week I started me second blog and reworked this one. I love my new blog. <3 Anyway - my friends need more blogs. There's just no excuses anymore, people - it's quick and easy and I want to read them! So start your blog and give me the link, and I'll link to it here.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

This is a self portrait by laura. She took the picture and photoshopped it, and I think it's beautiful and cool as all hell. I think it's a good candidate for testing my photo-blogging software, and I hope she doesn't mind. (just checked - she gave me the go-ahead!) Posted by Hello

Also - be aware that with all of these pics, they are resized, and you click on them to get the full sized pic. Gods, I wish Hello did not auto launch IE for everything - it's *very* annoying.

Update again.
This has been fun today - my blog looks waaay better now. Comments? check. Unlimited pic hosting? check. New improved blog template? check. Sneak into the gmail beta test? check.

Problems: my profile pic on the right is auto-fitted to a size they did not tell me about, and my face looks all squished. Also "hello" the program that lets me upload pics to my unlimited hosting space, is not very user friendly. I don't know how to upload without publishing here, for instance, and when you click a help link, it auto-opens internet explorer. Only backwards hill people use internet explorer, for cryin' out loud. That makes them look quite bad, IMO.

Well, I have a bit of the pic hosting figured out, but I'm still trying to figure out how to get my little pic (last post) to show up in the profile column to the right. Hmm. And I don't know if I'll be able to link to stuff from say, other message boards, or if the unlimited pic hosting can only be accessed through this page. We shall soon see.

Another new perk - I think I get to beta gmail. (blogger is operated by google.)

profile pic Posted by Hello

Holy Crap!! Look at me!
I have a blog with a new template, permalinks for the posts, and comments enabled. How the f**k cool am I? I think next is figuring out the picture hosting...

LJ vs. Blogger
One really cool thing about LJ is that readers can leave comments in the free account, whereas if I want to have feedback here on this blog, I'd have to go to the paid account (or else do a sleezy end around and rip off the blogger folks.) If anyone has any interesting thoughts on the blogger vs. LJ thing, either email me or go by way of my LJ and leave feedback.

EDIT: Hmm. Looks like blogger has added comments features for free. Looks like I have a project for the day - reformatting my blog.

EDIT2: Well, new template! Now I just have to use this template to put the comments feature in. The old template was one of the pre-comments age, and it did not support comments. The new choices are great (check this out, man!) and do support comments. This is a cool new age in blogging technology.

Monday, May 31, 2004

So I've got another blog going
About Paid Accounts
But tell me... (through above link) what do you get at livejournal with a paid account that you don't get for free? I've read through that list, and there's just nothing I want. I could go all blogger-pro or whatever they call is and it would pretty much just get rid of the ad at the top of the page. Anyway - the link to my new blog is over there on the right side of this page under "blogs." Can't miss it.