Saturday, June 19, 2004

Holy Shit, brothers & Sisters
The new Beastie Boys' album kicks and sways. I just got it, so this is a first impression, but the first track "Ch-Check it Out" fucking rocks the old school shnizzit, and the b-boys may be graying, but the loops are curvy and "To the 5 Burroughs" is gonna be played a long ass time.

And nice choice putting the WTC on the cover with the rest of the NYC skyline.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Someone please bring me tequila or a fatty, stat. It's Friday afternoon and it's a hot day.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

We appear to have a winner
Well, Mari posted. (I have not yet received Mari's email, though.) I think it's even cooler that I have no idea who this is. I wonder how Mari found this damned thing? I mean, theorhetically, there would have to be some kind of link to it, and...?

Well, it looks like Piper (Mari's friend) stepped in and claimed the prize. Mari - if you're not cool with this, I'll try to come up with a different prize. =-D

The web is so cool. It gets even cooler, because Piper is from Brazil. I feel so cosmopolitan!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Unfreaking believable QuickVote
On the very day in which the 9/11 commission clearly stated that there was no evidence at all to support an Iraq / Al Queada link (and evidence to show that Iraq rebuffed bin Laden's request for assistance) a full 30% of those answering this poll think there was a link. These are people who were actually at a news site with the news that THERE IS NO LINK at the top of the page. Never underestimate the stupidity of Republicans.

Okay - Every now and then I get a message that somebody out there is actually reading my blog. Your's is the greatest sacrifice of all! Err... I mean, Thanks!

So here's the deal for my loyal readers (if you actually exist.) The first person to leave a comment under this post gets a highly coveted gmail invite. I have but one left to give.

Rules: the form to send the invite needs first & last name and the email address you want the invite sent to. But don't post that info online, silly. If you win the contest, you'll know, as you'll be the first comment under this thread, right? So then send an email to my gmail account (above) and I'll get you your prize.

This could be really depressing if no one claims the prize, so if you already have a gmail account, post a response but make it clear you're not claiming the prize. (This will make me feel better.) And don't be a tool - if you already have gmail, don't use this to get a second one.

Offer void to Republicans.

French Fries = Fresh vegetables! Politics
In the Bush administration's attempts to out Reagan Reagan (drink your ketchup! It's a vegetable!) we now have been told that cutting up potatoes, rolling them in starch and freezing them does not take away their status as "fresh." I wish I had a good joke to insert here, but it's already its own joke.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

New official patch for UT2004
BeyondUnreal FileWorks - UT2004 Patch 3236 (Windows)
I know you are all waiting here, reloading my blog over and over for days on end waiting for the news... and here it is! The second official patch is out and this one has many handy fixes for our favorite game. you can get the patch at the link above.